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23rd January 2019 
FAQ #01

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I feel after my reflexology session?
Usually very relaxed, maybe invigorated, possibly a little sleepy. You will be expected to relax after the treatment and not engage in stressful or strenuous activities.
Over the next two to three days your body will assimulate and respond to the treatment. If you have had surgery or a serious illness it is possible that you may 'relive' some of these symptoms for a short period of time. This happens when there has been unresolved healing and indicates that the body is starting to deal with these problem areas.

I have ticklish feet, is this a problem?
No, a reflexologist's touch is quite firm and you will feel comfortable having the treatment.

Will reflexology hurt me?
There may be some tender areas, but as your therapist I will take care to not allow it to create you undue discomfort.

How often should I have a treatment?
Like taking exercise, regular treatment will produce the best results, and a series of treatments can be purchased in a block, which will work out much cheaper per treatment.
If we are working for a specific outcome, I will advise you on when you will need your next treatment.

How are reflexology sessions tailored to the individual?
The information that you give me during a consultation will enable me to identify particular areas of need. From this I can utilise different reflexology techniques, such as "Advanced", "Precision", or "Vertical" reflexology, making a treatment uniquely relevant to that person.

To find out more about Precision Linking Why not CLICK
For Vertical ReflexologyWhy not CLICK
For Advanced Reflexogy TechniquesWhy not CLICK

I'd like to buy a treatment as a present for someone, is that possible?
Yes. Best to contact me direct on 07813 705817

If you live in Exmouth, it is possible to purchase my vouchers via Serenity (Exmouth).

Can I have two treatments back to back?
Both reflexology and Indian Head Massage will have an effect on the body, and either treatment will leave you feeling very relaxed. Receiving both in one day can just be too much, and is not recommended.

I'm bald, will this be a problem for Indian Head Massage?
No, most of the head massage will still be relevant, and more time can be spent working on the back.

Will I be expected to make lifestyle changes?
This is entirely up to you. In some cases lifestyle, situation stresses or diet may be counterproductive to the effects of the treatment and we are likely to discuss this.

FAQ #02

Do you support local charities?

  • COOL Recovery
  • Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team - Ashburton Section

  • I enjoy supporting the work of COOL Recovery. Each summer one of the events we do is a sponsored fancy dress walk to raise money for young carers.

    COOL Recovery plans to mark world mental health day with a candlelight vigil across south devon as an anti-stigma gesture. At dusk, 6.30pm, friday october 10th in SOUTH BRENT, TORQUAY, TOTNES, TEIGNMOUTH, DARTMOUTH, KINGSBRIDGE and beyond, small groups of dedicated people will light their candles and shine a light to raise awareness of mental health issues in our communities. Please join us!!
    For more details on your local gathering place ring Gwen 01364 73536

    If you think that you might like to run a fundraising event, please contact us on 01803 299511 and ask for Martin or Claudia.

    FAQ #03

    Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (of which I am a member), is a charitable organisation whose volunteers work to rescue people in trouble, who often happen to be in difficult to get to places. We work throughout the south west region, though most of our calls are in Devon. Our casualties range from the accidentally injured to vulnerable missing persons.

    In 2010, I was able to raise some money for the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team, by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

    If you think you might like to raise money for this organisation, or if you would like to find out more about us, why not CLICK

    If there is something that I haven't answered or that you would like to ask me please call me on 07813 705817

    FAQ #04

    "Better Health and Wellbeing"