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INTRODUCING: Facial Reflexology

This deeply relaxing treatment is similar to foot reflexology in it's principles, and reaps all the same healing benefits. The face is worked in zones with all the systems and organs of the body mapped in reflex points. Interestingly, within facial reflexology, the proximity of the face to the brain and central nervous system means that the body responds immediately when the reflex is worked.
Facial reflexology can aid lymph drainage, stimulate the facial muscles and effect skin's condition and appearance. As such it offers a unique advantage - a radiant complexion with softer, tighter and plumper feeling skin.

The Bergmann Method

Ziggie Bergmann is at the forefront of Facial Reflexology, and has over 20 years experience as a holistic practitioner. Her technique is drawn from Native American Techniques, Asian Body Mapping and Zone Therapy. I have been fortunate to be trained by her at the London School of Reflexology at Regent University.
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How can Facial Reflexology Help Me

Regular treatments can reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness resulting in a glowing complexion with a younger looking appearance.
This treatment does not claim to cure, but it has been found that quality of life may be significantly enhanced, and that this treatment can assist in improving many conditions, such as:
Sinusitis; Bells Palsy; Stress and Anxiety; Skin Problems; Some Mental Health problems; Migraine; Bruxism...

Please note that Facial Reflexology is not suitable for those who have had Botox, or Facial Fillers within the last 3 months.

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Coming Soon - Zone Face Lift

This treatment has been much talked about in the press, who have hailed it as 'a credible alternative to botox'.
It combines facial reflexology with Japanese massage techniques, and uses Ziggie's own award winning sacred healing herb 'Elixir'.
Your therapist may incorporate elements of a facial in some of the treatments, and tools will be used as the therapist sees fit (Jade Gua Sha), Acupressure roller; Quartz Spheres). It can be enjoyed as a one- off treatment, but the potential to make a noticeable difference to your appearance will be limited, so it is recommended as a course of 12 treatments. You will be expected to work as a partnership with your therapist, working on points/areas at home between treatments.

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