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What is reflexology and how does it work

Reflexology is well known and well regarded as a complementary therapy. Reflexology has ancient roots in many cultures, and there is evidence of some form of foot and hand therapy being practised in China as far back as 4000B.C.
It is is based around the principle that there are points on the feet and hands which correspond to organs,systems and structures within the body. Gentle manipulation of these pressure points (reflexes) has a subtle but powerful effect on the tissues in the body. It is believed that nerve impulses are sent through 10 zones of the body, clearing energy blockages and directly stimulating 'sluggish' systems and organs to restore a better level of functioning within the body. The result is balance and wellbeing.

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All sessions are tailored to the individual

Using techniques such as:

Precision Reflexology Click Here

Advanced Reflexology Techniques Click Here

Vertical Reflexology Click Here

Barbara also works using aromaflex (reflexology using essential oils).

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How can it help me?
From my experience I believe that it can:

  • Counteract stress. Stress is commonly believed to lead to illness.
  • Provide a feeling of well being - relieving mental tension.
  • Relieve pain and calm unpleasant symptoms(eg. menopausal symptoms).
  • Aid recovery from injuries and illness.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Improve energy levels.

  • As such I believe that it is effective for a whole range of conditions, such as:
    Stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia; Managing M.S. and M.E.; Digestive disorders e.g. I.B.S; Skin conditions e.g. eczema, dermatitis; Menstrual dysfunction - Irregular periods; Poor circulation; Fluid retention; Pain relief; and the list goes on...

    Who can benefit from treatments?
    You don't have to be unwell to benefit from the effects of reflexology. The treatment is deeply relaxing and pleasurable, and many people will book their appointments for this reason alone.
    All age groups are suitable for reflexology, although under the ages of 16 years will need parental consent.

    Not suitable for the first trimester of pregnancy or if you have DVT or a serious
    heart condition

    "Reflexology, an excellent alternative to "happy pills". Following the breakup of a long marriage I found myself unable to cope with the depression, and returned to the holistic treatments that had worked so successfully through the menopause. I turned to my reflexologist Barbara Hall, whose treatments and holistic approach to life proved a wonderful anti-depressant, relaxation and sleep aid. Treatments relaxed, revitalised, or helped me to gain a much needed nights sleep. Highly recommended!"

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    Reflexology with hot and cold stones
    Geothermic massage has roots within many ancient cultures - Japanese, Native American Indian, Romans, Greeks etc...
    Within the Taoist principles, the basalt and marble stones have their own energetic properties. When used in conjunction with reflex areas on the feet, the result is a treatment that is both stimulating and powerful.
    Clients will feel an enhanced sense of balance and a deeper level of relaxation - a unique and essential experience!

    Not suitable for sensitive/delicate skin; heart/circulatory conditions; Pregnancy; epilepsy; Any neurological disorders with loss of sensation.

    "I had hot stone reflexology "wow" it was amazing! I felt so calm afterwards. Thanks Barbara"

    "Hot stones reflexology. Absolutely wonderful! Would highly recommend this treatment"

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