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Reflexology and Indian Head Massage in Devon

Welcome to my webpage!
Do you wish to:
  • Feel happier & more in control in your life?
  • Feel more relaxed & have more energy?
  • Have a better standard of health?
  • Be able to function positively & constructively?

    I believe you can...

    "I was sceptical about reflexology when it was first suggested to me but from the very first time I tried it I found it to be of substantial benefit to both my physical and mental wellbeing. I am now a massive supporter of reflexology and recommend it on a regular basis".
    Jayne (On how it has helped her manage M.S).

    Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment that is commonly believed to have the added benefit of promoting balance and better health. Suitable for people of all ages, reflexology is a powerful therapy in healing the destructive effects that stress and illness have on the body.

    "I have had experience of head massage in India, Barbara's is better! The combination of physical relaxation and spiritual healing has had a positive influence on me and how I conduct my life. Perfect to help through change and coping with life in 2010..."

    Indian Head Massage is a gentle upper body massage, incorporating the head, face, shoulders, neck and arms. Not only an excellent way to replace the stress and tension of everyday life with a sense of calm and well being, but a helpful treatment in combating a range of conditions eg. migraine, anxiety and insomnia.

    "Hot stones reflexology. My second time. It was great, I now feel totally energised and calm. Highly recommended."

    Reflexology with hot and cold stones. This treatment is based on Taoist principles and uses hot and cold stones to work the reflexes in the feet. Hot basalt stones represent Yang energy, and cold marble Yin energy. A stimulating, unique and very powerful treatment.


    Your Therapist
    I am NHS registered and a member of the Association of Reflexologists. I use Reiki natural healing,Precision Linking Techniques and basic Vertical Reflexology Techniques as part of my practice.
    My work and client base is varied. I work for Serenity in Exmouth on Thursdays and am used privately by Gidleigh Park to provide treatments for their clients. I also enjoy working privately for Cool Recovery in Torquay. Cool Recovery is an independent charity that started in 1999 as Carers-One-to-One-Link (COOL), an informal support network of friends and carers of people affected by mental health problems. It now has a home at 'Coolhouse' in Torquay and is open to carers, families, and friends supporting individuals who have a range of mental health issues. If you think that COOL Recovery may be relevant to your situation: email or telephone:01803 299511.
    My home is in Newton Abbot, and I work as a reflexologist in nearby Ashburton where I have a room at NaturallyU (Wednesdays and Saturdays), as well as providing a mobile service up to a distance of 6 miles from Ashburton.

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    Barbara Hall
    Member of the Association of Reflexologists
    To visit the Association of reflexologists just CLICK HERE

    "Better Health and Wellbeing"

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